Leonieke Kormelink


Leonieke, a Dutch-born artist has been living and working in the UK for the past 30 years. She studied fashion in the 1980s at Artez University of the Arts in Arnhem. After graduating, she worked for a short period in Paris for an international trend forecasting company, creating mood-boards and styling books for the fashion and textile industry.

Upon moving to the UK, she joined a graphic design group, engaging in a wide range of projects primarily within the fashion industry. This diverse background in fashion, forecasting, and graphic design served as the catalyst for my transition from commercial to fine art.

She draws strength from her diverse experiences. She have developed a fine art practice with a keen eye for nuances in colour, detail, and a deep appreciation for surfaces and form.

Her work explores the subtle interplay of colours and textures, often incorporating hand-stitched satin threads to contrast with reflective dimensions. Her approach often brings together graphic expertise with textiles and collage, resulting in pieces that are both intricate and richly textural.

It may take days, even weeks until I find the shape I am looking for, the shape that leads me then to make decisions about thread, line, placement, light, reflection. It’s a constant, shifting process in which material, textures, shapes and colour incrementally connect.


Collage and stitch: 40cm x 47cm


Collage and stitch: 30cm x 42.5cm


Collage and stitch: 50cm x 60cm


Collage and stitch: 30cm x 40cm


Collage and stitch: 29cm x 36.5cm